#7Songs – The first one.

by John on January 17, 2016

A few weeks ago, I noticed my good friend Steve Browne take on the challenge of writing about seven songs in seven days. The challenge was something that he borrowed from Michael Carty and Tim Scott and Tony Jackson.

I thought this was a great idea that I should rip off borrow and unlike my fellow bloggers, I’m not going to attempt to stay true to the whole “Post-this-crap-for-the-next-seven-days-rule”. I’m thinking I’ll blatantly borrow from KD and write these posts every few days. That is right up my alley. Besides, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

Enough of the setup, let’s have some fun.

The Song & Artist: Fruta Fresca by Carlos Vives

Why this one:
I love living in the “Miami Bubble”. This place is full of people who are originally from somewhere else. To live here, no better yet, to thrive here, you’ve got to allow yourself to be swept up in the heat, the humidity, the languages, the food, the fruit, and a rhythm that is unlike anything you’ve heard before.

It also helps that your group of friends are all from different places (English Caribbean, Spanish Caribbean, Central & South America, Central Florida, Chicago, New York…etc.) Get-togethers are full of all sorts of languages, foods, types of drinks… think “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” but everyone is either Spanish, from the Islands, American, or European.

“OK John, but the whole song is in Spanish and we know that you’re not fully fluent” I hear you say. It doesn’t matter. This song is about love. Love that is fresh, exciting, and one that is proclaimed in China and even on the moon!

“Que lo digan en la China, Que digan en la luna!”

Where it takes me:
This song is a party. It reminds you of the most amazing party you’ve ever experienced (minus the hangover in the morning). It starts out a bit slow, and the lyrics don’t seem to make sense until the beat drops. By the second verse, it’s growing on you, thumping steadily, and moving towards a crescendo. The musical break, just before the final verse is rising, and then the final verse kicks in. BOOOM!

Parting Shots:
When I think back to some of the most amazing, craziest, burn-the-house-down types of parties, it’s usually with my friends from Colombia (Oh and for the record, if you party with Colombians, it is considered rude not to partake in the Aguardiente. Just drink it. Trust me, and thank me later).

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