Adieu 2013!

by John on December 27, 2013

I’ve never wanted a year to end as much this one.
Maddie Teacup
Before you automatically assume that the reasoning behind it is 100 percent negative, let me assure you that it’s not.

It’s true that 2013 was a year of growth and change for everyone in my family and it was full of fun amazing events and events that were challenging on a personal and professional level. However, it is time for this year to end, and for the new one to begin.

Since this holiday season was absolutely crazy, I’ve decided to combine my “What I’m thankful for” list that I usually do around Thanksgiving with this years close out/tie up the loose ends post:

  • Big thanks to the usual suspects: Paul, John, Mike, Frank, Dave, for being a group of peeps that make me smile and think.
  • A huge hug and kiss to one of my favorite valentines. She’s kicking around a city that I absolutely love, with her wife. Bisous!
  • I miss & think about these peeps all the time (Jenny, Roberts, Hooper’s) and I’m grateful that we have FB to keep up with the crazy happenings in our lives.
  • Random voice mails/phone calls from Steve keep me grounded and I love them.
  • Miss you Paul! Thank you for the kind words and hanging with me in Chicago.
  • How awesome are Dr. Matt’s twins? I always have a big grin whenever he posts new pics them on FB.
  • Speaking of kiddos: Don Carlos’ son… the quick answer is no, my daughters will not be dating anytime soon. EVAR… Oh and Lali’s beautiful daughter? Too too cute.
  • Lars: I’m just going to go on the record now and say no, I’m not rooting for your team in the national championship game. I can’t do it. Good luck,but it’s not gonna happen.
  • Dwane: I swear I must’ve pulled something that hasn’t fully recovered from the kickball game. You’re good people and we must spend a bit more time together next year.
  • Curt: Cheers to the new gig! & Matt: You sir are awesome!
  • The super duo of Dunn & Sackett : At times I shake my head, at times I scream yes, and other times I’m screaming something else at my monitor or phone. The irony of creating passionately whilst polarizing readership is a gift. Hell, I keep coming back (cause I’m a sucker).
  • Shout out to my fav Miami blogger Random Pixels: I still read him every morning.

I also wanted to be a bit mushy:

  • A huge, huge, thank you Franny for the few hours we had in Houston this year. It’s always a great thing to have people who will love you for all of your faults, keep you grounded, and stand next to you in the struggle.
  • Thank You Laurie! I’m lucky and humbled…

Finally, I love you Karen. Always have, always will.

OK, enough of the self-serving stuff. 2013 is in the rearview and it’s time to shift the gears.

My wish for everyone is to embrace the joy, live on the edge, and laugh (just like Maddie in the photo)

Cheers and here’s to a great 2014!

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bill December 27, 2013 at 2:50 pm

And back at you! Honored and humbled to have you as a reader!

Lalli December 27, 2013 at 4:05 pm

Thanks for the shout out. 🙂 Hope 2014 rocks!

michael vandervort December 29, 2013 at 9:02 am

felicidades. mazel tov! thanks for inckuding me. Hope we can get together for dinner next time i am Miami bound.

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