Adieu 2014!

by John on December 30, 2014

I just realized that 2014 is over.

I wasn’t expecting this year to pass this quick. In the end though, I’m grateful it’s done.

I lost some family, failed and also won as a parent, gained some new friends, and grew as a professional. I was able to travel to New York (twice), Orlando (several times), Philadelphia (for the first time) and got to kick around San Francisco for a few hours.

My girls kept on learning and growing, singing, dancing, and playing “Frozen” on a continuous loop.

I loved, laughed, and cried (albeit in private). I wrote some notes, sent some wine, had some amazing conversations. I had some absurd moments, some quiet dinners, and some amazing lunches.

Yes, there were some challenges, but no, they didn’t slow me down or stop me cold.

Adieu 2014. Thank you for good and the bad and the lessons that you taught.

I’m ready for the new year!

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