Bad Days & Holidays

by John on December 5, 2012

My daughter and I both had pretty stressful days yesterday. She received her mid-term progress report and I was thrown under the bus by a client.

While it was nothing earth shattering and we both have enough time to get things back on the right track, it was just a sucky day. Last night, I found myself watching the early local news and realized that our days weren’t that bad.

Burglars decided to break into a family’s home and steal the presents from under the tree. You’re thinking great, the holidays are ruined for that family? Well, a random stranger decides to help and brings some gifts, cash, and a bit of holiday type food.

Really puts the whole “bad day” into perspective and reminds me that what I experienced really wasn’t all that bad.

Here’s the link to the story: Man helps out family robbed of gifts

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