Birthday? I’m not impressed

by John on November 17, 2012

She has a bad attitude. My wife says it’s genetic and it’s my fault for passing that along to her.

She doesn’t give her hugs, kisses, or love freely. But she loves unconditionally. It’s only on her terms and when she damn well feels like it. That I know she got from me.

She’s demanding, only wants perfection, only wants things her way, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.
She loves to mess with her older sister. Not maliciously, but deep down, I think she’s got a good idea of what she’s doing.

In school, I’m told she’s quiet and an angel. She likes to do things her way and the teachers try to accommodate, but I often don’t get to see that side of her.

On the eve of her second birthday, I’m still in awe of pretty much everything she does and what she teaches me daily. For instance, I’ve learned that I need to view the world from her level. Don’t be afraid to crawl under the table every once-in-awhile. Sometimes socks are not the answer and there is always room for ice cream.

I love every bit of her cranky attitude, her sweaty feet, and her crazy hair in the morning. I love it when I mess with her in the mornings when she’s still asleep and in no mood for my nonsense.

When I do get a chance to put her to sleep, I sing “Our Love Is Here To Stay”. I want to dance with her to that song at her wedding.

Madeleine, you’ll never know how much peace and love you brought to our small family. We all love you so very much.

So in the words of our song, “The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble, there’re only made of clay, but our love is here to stay!”

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