Blood, Family, & Business

by John on July 20, 2011

I went digging through the trusty moleskine to find some inspiration and ran across this observation:

“Blood, Family & Business globally are they really that different?”

I wrote that observation after chatting with a senior HR executive in Panama after she told me a story that rivals some current “novellas” on television. She shared with me a brief story about how it’s tough to recruit for certain roles because the patriarch of the firm is still firmly in control and the heirs apparent are jockeying for position once he steps down. “That must be pretty tough on a day to day basis?” I remarked. She looked at me and smiled. “Oh, I’ve seen that face before, hell I’ve made that face before. I get it” I replied.

So I’m left with questions and very few answers. What’s an HR pro to do in situations like that? How in the hell do you fill roles for that company and what will happen when the patriarch finally knocks off? With all this talk about the global “war for talent” and freshly minted MBAs dreaming of dysfunctional opportunities coupled with even more dysfunctional salary expectations, who’s going to have the guts to ask, better yet, have the balls to ask some tough questions?

I’d start, but I don’t want to miss an episode of Mi Corazón Insiste… en Lola Volcán

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