Bridgebuilding is a b!#ch

by John on February 15, 2012

Had an interesting conversation yesterday about a problem that I was spinning into a bigger deal than I should have. Fortunately for me, the friend I had called for some advice and counsel started to share something that was pretty inspiring. It was just a simple statement about how they can see a pretty bridge from their office window and how tough it is at times to build them.

There’s the big, busy ones that facilitate lots of dialogue & conversation spanning bays and oceans of concerns, doubts, and issues:

And then there’s one of my favorites… the seven miler going down to the keys, a bridge that leads to fun, friendship and frivolity:

But all to often we wind up like the famous Pont d’Avignon. Full of the best intentions, but unless both sides care about building it and getting over the issues, it will sadly remain unfinished:

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