Conference Chatter

by John on August 29, 2010

So this weekend I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Asian MBA Conference in New York City. This was my second time at the conference. The first time, I was working for BKC, and was recruiting MBA candidates for our summer internship program.

This time around, I was promoting FIU and the College of Business, conversing directly with employers, trying to get us on their radar screen. Being on the other side of the booth gave me some new insights on topics that I’d like to share:

  • Business Cards: candidates ask for them, employers are reluctant to hand them out. The new lie on the floor is “Oh, I didn’t bring any” I think we should just stop there. You’re a recruiter or in HR, people are going to hassle you, get over it. What kind of message are you sending to prospective candidates or employees? Did you sign or the same ethics/employee handbook/policy as everyone else? You’re not immune just because you don’t want to deal with getting hassled. Please just be honest. People are paying attention to what you say. Students/Candidates, stop hassling. I get it, you need the job or internship, but it’s not helping your candidacy. Be nice, send one email and don’t become a pain in the ass.
  • Apply on our website: Recruiters/HR peeps, I get that you don’t want to take back resumes in your carry on luggage. I also get that you’re confused by the OFCCP rules for candidates. (Hell, I still don’t get all the minutia on it either) but If you’re going to do it, do it for everybody. I’d love to see your face if someone actually asked why you took their friends resume, but wouldn’t take theirs? Students/Candidates, why would you wallpaper all the booths with your resume? That’s the equivalent of tossing crap on the wall to see what sticks. Bad strategy, bad results.
  • Plenary sessions: Conference organizers, timing is everything. Concurrent sessions while the career fair is going on is tough on the companies that attend, and I’d bet the students too. Why are they necessary?
  • Finally, New York City is pretty amazing. I can see how the energy, diversity, and pace make it cool. I had the opportunity to see some cool local gems and had a healthy dose of tourist too. Thank you Mimi, for spending a few hours with me, it was nice to catch-up.

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