Congratulations Class of 2016

by John on May 9, 2016

CMS Change the WorldThe gardenias are in bloom again. It’s a reminder that the short spring season has arrived here in Miami, and with that it’s time for graduations.

Spring graduation is a fun time on campus.

As an administrator, I get to see the full range of emotions on the faces of our freshly minted alumni. Joy, accomplishment, relief, pride, are all on display and it’s great to see the families of the alums as well. You can see how mothers and fathers are elated that all the sacrifices thy made to see their son or daughter graduate, as well as the awe of younger siblings wondering how they too can accomplish such an amazing feat.

Me? I sit quietly and wish them nothing but the best. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen and felt the exact same way before.

This time around, as my students enter the fray, the world of work is at yet another crossroads. Positions are a bit more plentiful than in previous years, salaries are up, employer confidence is remaining steady but not wildly upbeat. In short, the only certainty is uncertainty.

To the Class of 2016, congratulations, you’ve earned it! The next steps in your journey are probably going to be the most amazing, nervewracking, and scary you’ll ever have to take, but you got this. Go forth with the confidence that you’ve grown into over your time at the university.

It’s time to change the world, and I know you’ll be great partners in that endeavor.

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