Duffels For Kids

by John on May 12, 2013

Readers of this blog know that I don’t pimp a great number of other bloggers or causes. I think it’s because I’d like to remain somewhat impartial. I do want to take a moment today to share with you something that really struck a chord.

Call it serendipity, or chalk it up to random chance, but this weekend I read a story in my local paper, and then saw a post on a blog that I follow and wanted to chime in and help (albeit in a small way).

The backstory is pretty benign, I was reading the local section of the paper and then jumped on the iPad to catch up on some of my reading when I read this story about foster children who use garbage bags to move their stuff.

Yes, you read that correctly, garbage bags.

I found myself thinking back to when I had to make a move pretty quickly once in my past and while I didn’t use a garbage bag, I did have to pile up all my crap in my small car and get the hell out of a bad situation. Come to think of it, I’d venture to guess that we’ve all been in a situations where we’ve had to move pretty quickly to save our skin at some point in our lives…

The blog that moved me to want to write about this situation is a very popular Miami blog, written anonymously by a defense attorney here in town. It’s pretty much inside baseball for the audience, but the author (whom I’ve never met by the way) has a great style. Here’s the link to the post

The line that hit me square in the gut was this “Children aren’t garbage. They shouldn’t have to move their belongings in garbage bags”. Simple, elegant, and I wish I wrote it.

We all have so many demands, people and organizations vying for our attention to a vast number of causes that at times it’s hard to discern what to pay attention to, or to donate our hard earned dollars. But this one is so simple that I’m asking you to to take a moment, and if you want to do so, donate. Here’s the link to the site to donate

Thank you Rumpole for bringing it to the forefront of my busy day, and while I doubt we’ll ever meet and I have a feeling that I’m not your target audience, I’m still a huge fan of the blog


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