Happy Birthday Marines!

by John on November 10, 2010

Today is the 235th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps.

I was eight years old when I sent in a recruiting card that I received in a magazine. A few months later I received a typewritten note from the Marine recruiter. While I was too young to join the Marines, he congratulated me on my sense of duty and desire to become a Marine. He enclosed an iron on decal of the Eagle, Globe & Anchor. I was always wearing that shirt.

Years passed and that eight year boy forgot about the Corps. When I graduated from High School, waaay back in 1990, my dad gave me a choice. Join the military, or go to college. I was lucky, I got to choose.

I have several friends & acquaintances who are Marines. You’ve all shared, taught me lessons, and busted my chops in good fun. Today is your day.

Thank you for your sacrifices and thank you for teaching all of us the true meaning of “Semper Fidelis”!

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