Happy Independence Day

by John on July 3, 2011

For some odd reason I started to reflect on what today means to me. Now before you leave, this is not some rah rah patriotic post about how great ‘Merica is around the globe.

For me today is about taking risks. Short term, long term, unforeseen, however the hell you want to classify those pesky items known as risks.

I think back to my paternal grandparents who were born in Eastern Europe (my grandfather in 1899 and my grandmother in 1910) and try to imagine just what the heck they were thinking wanting to come to the states? Did they have a choice? Were they scared? Was it worth it in the end? Why take the risk?

Fast forward to our modern working environment and some of the issues that I’ve grappled with over the years; should I leave this job, will I get laid off, what happens if I press enter, and do I want to take a stand?

We are a Nation of risk takers. Good, bad, strategic, poor, it does not matter because it’s in our collective DNA whether we choose to believe it or not.

I think back to the life lessons I’ve learned and how my best bosses and mentors gave me enough rope to take some risks. I also think about how the bad ones kept me on a short leash in an effort to mitigate fearconcerns….risks.

So today, this one is for my grandparents, my parents and my in-laws. It has taken me a few years to finally see this, but I want to acknowledge and thank you for the risks you personally undertook. I may not ever fully understand why you took those risks but I know not to be afraid and to keep moving forward.

After all, isn’t that what true independence is all about?

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Dave Ryan July 3, 2011 at 12:48 pm

Nice piece John. Happy Fourth to you and your family!

John July 3, 2011 at 12:58 pm

You too Dave!

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