Hello to the Ohio Peeps!

by John on March 25, 2011

Wow, who woulda thunk it?

I just want to completely pander to all the people from Ohio who took up Steve Browne’s recommendation to swing by and read the blog. I really appreciate it.

I just finished reading a few choice statements about #TrenchHR practitioners and how they don’t have time to write about stuff. I tend to agree that it’s tough to write everyday, but it’s a matter of personal discipline. That’s been bugging me, so expect a post on that soon.

I also have a few concerns about college seniors and the job market that they’re facing. It’s especially tough here in South Florida, expect some semi-intelligent posts about that too.

So welcome, enjoy, and if you feel like sharing please do. Steve says I’m a pretty down to earth guy, and I am at times. Other times I’m able to clean up nicely and mingle amongst the movers & shakers. If anything, I’ll say this…I’m no expert and I disdain being lumped into the “thought leader” category. I’m a joker, a cigar smoker and a thought provoker (apologies to Steve Miller).

Now let’s have some fun!

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