HR Florida 2010 Recap, Thoughts and Tunes

by John on September 6, 2010

The chaos that has been my life over the past two weeks has finally subsided. I had a great time going on the road, working, meeting peeps and socializing. I’m glad to be home. While there have been several posts about the conference, I wanted to crystallize my thoughts before I shared them.

First, it goes without saying that the entire team that executed HR Florida did an amazing job. From a first time attendee’s experience, it was better than some of the other professional conferences I’ve attended over the years. Great job!

In addition to the overall conference, the sessions were easy to find, and it seemed that the presenters were mostly well versed in their subjects. I chose the word “mostly” because there were a few sessions that I attended that fell just a bit short of the mark for me. It’s a personal opinion, but kudos to the peeps that presented and shared. It’s not easy, but good job for sharing.

I was also able to reconnect with some great colleagues and people, do some business for the college and listened and observed. I learned some new things, had the opportunity to share, had some great conversations, and even managed to smoke a cigar.

One key learning that I gained at HRFL10 , the time is ripe for innovation and change to sweep into the professional space (or if you prefer marketplace) . We can choose to embrace this movement, or we can choose to ignore it. The massive reboot of the economy has shaken the so-so out of the system, and the ones remaining have the opportunity to innovate. That has me genuinely excited. Actually a more accurate way to articulate this feeling is to borrow a phrase from Zen Buddhism, “Shoshin” or the beginners mind.

OK, enough of this heady intellectual crap, the playlist below (some versions are NSFW) sums up a few fun moments. Enjoy!

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John Jorgensen September 6, 2010 at 11:13 am

It was great to connect again with such great people. Wish we could do the face-to-face more often, but the nice thing about SM is that you get to expand your network beyond your neighborhood.

And it should have been more than 1 cigar.

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