Is HR afraid to “Go Big”?

by John on June 7, 2013

Whoo Hooo its conference season! Time to catch-up with old friends, make new ones, and get some professional development credits for re-certification.
Go Big
This year I’m extremely lucky to be attending two major conferences, the SHRM National conference June 16th – 19th in Chicago, IL and the HR Florida Conference August 19th – 21st in Orlando, FL.

Since I’ve got to do some blogging for the conferences, I decided that I’d like to take a contrarian approach and pick a subject that would be a bit…well a bit sticky.

My goal is to ask my peers and the teeming millions thousands is HR afraid to “Go Big”? Simple, to the point, and it requires a small bit of introspection to answer.

Earlier this week, there was a great series of posts directed to our friends at SHRM sharing some really great bits of advice. Several very talented bloggers posted some great pieces about what SHRM could do to enhance the overall member experience. Definitely worth reading before the conference, do a search on twitter for #SHRMAdvice and you’ll see what I mean…(#SHRMAdvice)

However, this subject started to bug me during the weekend while I was running errands. I kept thinking about how easy it was to just stay in a comfortable role, doing comfortable things, making a few changes but nothing really groundbreaking. At times in the office I find myself quietly thinking about my projects and my work and questioning if I’m thinking “Big” or just small and comfortable.

A few years ago, I received a note from someone in the space that I deeply admire and respect. When I find myself getting stuck in that spiral of thought, or when the small element of self-doubt starts to make its way into my train of thought, I stop and look up at his note pinned to my wall reminding me to “Go Big”.

So, let’s make sure to run into each other at the conference. I’ll ask you the question and I’m really curious to hear your answers.

Oh and Jason, thanks for card and advice.

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