Kids, La Lucha, & Kickball

by John on June 10, 2013

No-Kid-Hungry-Stat-GraphicMiami. To some, this town is full of glitz and glamor. After all, we’ve got South Beach, The Heat, fancy cars, nightclubs, and shopping.

The locals? Well we see the real side of Miami. The crazy mix/clash of cultures, the rising home prices, the difficulty in finding jobs…. I could go on but the best way to sum it up is a phrase in Spanish, “La Lucha” (roughly translated it means “the struggle)

According to No Kid Hungry, 16 million kids in America live in households that struggle to put on the table, 9.8 million kids get a free or reduced price school lunch but there are 10.6 million kids eligible who go without.

Millions of children.

Millions of children in America.

In your state.

In my state.

In your city.

In my city.

Millions of children dealing with “La Lucha” and doing it silently. That’s the part that hurts me the most.

For most of us, we’re able to turn a blind eye to others, solely focusing on our own daily struggles. When children are involved, well then it gets even harder to do so. And that my friend is why I’m supporting a simple fundraising cause for the upcoming SHRM 2013 conference.

To us, it’s a game. Several like-minded folks are going to get together to relive our youth, talk some smack, and laugh. But our larger purpose is greater than just a simple game of kickball.

Every dollar donated will make a difference in the struggle kid’s face. In fact, just $1 can help connect a child with 10 meals.

To donate please click on this link.

Any amount helps our children and yes, while we’ve all got to deal and struggle together, we can solve this problem…together.

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