March Madness

by John on March 21, 2011


March comes in like a lion & out like a lamb

The past couple of weeks have been a mad flurry of activity here in South Florida and unfortunately I’ve been extremely lax on the writing front. Needless to say that after hearing a colleague comment to me “Y’know John, the best blogs are ones that are updated often”, I decided to get my butt in some gear. Here’s a highlight of what’s been happening down in my part of the hemisphere:

I was extremely lucky to attend the South Beach Wine & Food Festival Grand Tasting with my wife and some great friends. It truly is an amazing experience. Excellent food, wine, spirits, the whole nine. This is one event where it is almost impossible to have a horrible experience. Granted I didn’t have any “Stella Induced” rants, but at the end I did manage to somehow hassle our poor cab driver who was from the Ukraine. Yes there are photos and no, they will never see the light of day.

We’re coming to the end of the academic semester, students and companies are clamoring for summer internships. I’ve been on the road and on the phone with clients non-stop. My busy season is starting and I’ll start my travel season with an alumni event in Atlanta culminating with the HREvolution ’11 conference at the end of April. Then it’s off to SHRM National, CUPA, HR Florida, and maybe the Asian MBA conference in New York.

I actually witnessed my first case of helicopter grandparenting and I was rendered absolutely speechless. Props to the grandmother who wanted the best for her grandchild, but I think someone may have not told her grandma the whole story.

I’ve got a couple of presentations on Social Media that I’ll be presenting to sophomores and juniors, and am in the process of re-working. I just noticed that the numbers I usually quote in my LinkedIn presentation have gone up, and I need to fix those slides.

Finally at the end of the month I celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary. Let’s see over the last 10 years I’ve worked in healthcare, corporate America, and now higher education. We lived with the in-laws, bought a house, had two beautiful daughters, had a few major and minor health scares and hospital stays, attended countless weddings, numerous funerals and had to say goodbye to some good friends. We’ve gained friends, changed jobs, and all the while my wife has put up with me.

As the saying goes this March roared in like a lion and I can only hope that it goes out like a lamb. However, in the end, I realize that I’m one lucky sonofabitch.

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