Misunderestimated Phone Calls

by John on June 23, 2011

The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity at home and at work. Projects, meetings, reading assignments (don’t ask) and politics have all been happening at warp speed.

Even through all this crazy, I was able to receive a few phone calls that made me smile and managed to make a few calls to some others, causing them to politely freak out.

So why the hell write about this? Simple, it’s because my Dad inspired me to do so. See Dad worked for Southern Bell/Bellsouth/AT&T for about 25 plus years, recently retiring in late 2009. He’s not moving as quickly as he used to, losing a step here and there and getting older. I’m really worried about him. He taught me how to fix a phone, run pairs of phone lines, punch down lines, the whole nine. Hell I still have some of his old hand me down phone tools in my tool box.

Dad’s also tends to be a bit philosophical. He likes to wax poetic on all subjects and loves to use his goofy sayings to make a point. One of his favorites is “JP (what he’s called me since I was born) just remember the telephone works both ways”. He’s got a few others but this one is the most apropos for today’s post. So taking his advice to heart, I gave a few peeps a call. I know that I have others on the list, and eventually I’ll reach out to them.

So don’t Misunderestimate the power of a quick hello. Those quick calls go both ways and tend to make a world of difference to both parties.

Now where’s my butt set? I gotta add a line in the kitchen…

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Paul Smith June 24, 2011 at 10:27 pm

How right you are. We talked for 30 seconds. It was quite memorable and it made me smile for hours afterwards. Thanks for freaking me out.

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