New Series: What I Taught/What I Learned

by John on January 11, 2013

Since the inception of this blog, I was always toying with the idea of having a weekly serial type post. I’ve seen my peers do great jobs with this, and others rip off the idea with mixed results.

I’ve decided to finally commit to a weekly series that will a bit rough in the beginning, but may just turn out to be something that I can get behind and start to update with more frequency.

For now the series is titled “What I taught, What I learned” and here’s the first installment. Enjoy!

What I taught:
Teaching the HR Certification class, I had the opportunity to see students with all different types of HR related experience grasp some pretty heavy concepts. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a listing of all the HR Blogs and other ancillary resources that I read before I finish teaching the last class in a few weeks.

The spring semester started on Monday, and with that, we had graduate school orientation. I was able to have our newest counselor join me on our brief tour of the new cohort groups to promote the services our office provides. She also was able to get some valuable face time with key faculty.

What I learned this week:
My favorite part of the morning is when I get to drop my daughter off at school. We listen to Radio Disney on the way to school, sing along to crappy pop songs and then walk to class holding hands. For those few moments in the morning, my world is perfect.

My youngest child is starting to develop a sense of humor. She’s mischievous and is pushing her boundaries to see what she can and cannot do behavior-wise.

Sometimes, you need to pick up the phone and call people. Learning from friends is waaay better than learning from lectures.

Finally, I set a pretty ambitious resolution of wanting to expand my reading this year. I’ve got a few books on the amazon wishlist that are not what I would typically read for enjoyment, a few are an intellectual stretch. However, this is all fine for now since what I’m currently reading is letting me know that I’m not that “great”.

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