Post HRevolution, my 30 day follow-up

by John on June 13, 2010

OK, so I know I’m a few days past the 30 day mark (thanks for the reminder Frank), but I’ve been working diligently on trying to stay true to our final conversations, and the proverbial gauntlet thrown down by Lance & Laurie at the closing session. So here’s my update:

  • I’m lucky enough to have a great friend help me with a blog re-design. I’m excited about what this is going to eventually look like, and she’s an awesome designer. The design is simple, cool, and reflects my personality. This is going to really push me to blog more and hopefully, increase my personal and professional brand.
  • I had a discussion with my director about how we can socialize our office in a unique way. My goal is to do something different with the office and how we serve our students, alumni, and the community. I’ve done some interesting research comparing the other career management offices and their social media presence. The results were interesting. Some of the offices haven’t figured out how to leverage the space, others are shooting blindly in the dark (my personal opinion). I’ve had meetings with our college’s marketing team and got them on board with my goals and vision. Using the upcoming NSHMBA conference as our target date, we’ve got some cool ideas, but more work needs to be done.

  • I attended a local social media meeting here in Miami to network with some local peeps in the space. The meeting was dominated by colleagues who are pure marketing or PR types and they had little to no idea about what is happening in the recruitment/human resources space. Had a great time meeting and networking with people who knew absolutely nothing about me and my network, although one did know about Jessica’s Blogging4jobs work. Gained a few more twitter followers and contacts. I think we have a great opportunity to capitalize on the bridge building in this arena and will be working on that in the next 30 days (for the 60 day follow-up)
  • I created a marketing presentation for my office and was able to do my first “webinar type” presentation to a firm that I met at the event. While I wasn’t really happy about my overall presentation, the firm was one that knew nothing about FIU and the quality of students that we have, and they’re going to post a social media internship with us shortly (possibly this upcoming week). The real test will be if we can get an intern for them and if so, it’s a great story for the university and the college.

  • So that’s what I got for the first 30 days. How about you all?

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