Quick Update….

by John on July 26, 2012

I have been neglecting the blog…bad blogger. I know, I know, this is a weak public mea culpa.

Here’s a brief update on what the heck JP’s been doing for the past month:

  • Work got really busy after the month of June. My world is busy over the summers and tapers off in the fall. I know opposite of what most would normally think.
  • In addition to not blogging, I’ve been dragging my feet when it comes to my annual review. I’m trying like hell to get it done, but my motivation is just not there…bah!
  • We’re going to have family come in and visit from France in the next few days. I’m excited to see my god-daughter and the family. Yes, I will be making a trek to Disney in the heat of August. Pray for me.
  • Someone posed an interesting questions about the concept of “ones legacy”. That’s been rattling around the head for a while now. I may post about it…still debating.
  • I’ve got two projects that will either solidify my ability to be considered for the next setp or cause a speedbump along the way. No pressure. No pressure at all.
  • I finally admitted “out loud” that I was not going to be civil and try to remain above the “office politics” fray. F that noise. Oh and fair warning, I know the game.
  • So more to come, please stay tuned. The Moleskine notebook is full, the photos are all over facebook, and I’m going to get my sorry butt in gear.

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    Michael Krupa August 1, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Thanks for the update. I’m off to Facebook to find the pictures…

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