Re-Think HR, The Visual Example

by John on July 19, 2010

I was struck by a bit of irony (and creative genius) this weekend and thought, this photo embodies the whole “rethinking/not rethinking HR” discussions that took place last week.

I took this photo Sunday afternoon just off of Ocean Drive in South Beach. Yes, the same Ocean Drive where numerous models, peeps, and miscreants all try and live out their twisted version of reality.

What struck me as odd was not the car, I mean this is the beach you’re automatically desensitized to exotic sports cars, but the fact that the driver was pulled over by two bicycle cops. Yes, you read correctly bicycle.

So here’s how I think it ties into the discussion. Businesses (the Lamborghini) have this desire to move quickly, driving fast with the top down screaming past the competition (with a hot model next to them)* Their own HR department can sometimes be viewed as the cops on the bikes, slowing them down, not allowing them to move as quickly as they want for fear of (insert random excuse here).

HR professionals have a responsibility to get off the bicycles and get their drivers licenses. Stay curious, learn about the business, and please read something other than HR related stuff.

Seiden, Dunn, Roche, and McCall have all waxed poetic about this topic way better than I could have done. But, seeing it played out live on the street, that’s just money.

*It’s Miami, you got a hot car, you need a hot girl next to you. These are known laws of the universe.

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Benjamin McCall July 19, 2010 at 11:29 am

Nice analogy. On a flip side I think that HR can be a benefit to the business when they get on the bicycles to help slow the business down to see things from a different perspective. Just being an annoying bicycle cop is doing no one any good. But but helping the lamborgini (biz) understand what challenges they face down the road is beneficial! Personally I like riding a lexus rather than a Bike!,

John July 19, 2010 at 2:18 pm

@Benjamin I agree that there’s a time and place to do your due diligence and move at the correct speed. Hell, you get you a Lexus convertible and you can holla at the model next to ya.

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