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by John on July 3, 2010

I wanted to share what’s been going on in my world lately (none of it’s too spectacular) but just needed to clear the mind:

  • I’ve learned that if I spend a few minutes doing some warm up writing of just random nonsense I can focus clearly on my posts.
  • I also learned that if I play the iPod on my crappy mood music (Steely Dan, The Beatles’ Abbey Road Medley and some John Wesley Harding) I tend to type a bit faster.
  • I’d like to see the Heat snag James, Wade and Bosh
  • Random acts of kindness are fun.
  • OK, I get it, someone is testing me. Can I pick up the meaning of this lesson in my next life? Please?
  • Miami is humid, hot, and downright miserable now. But I’m not doing snow unless I get paid.
  • Brazil lost, get over it.
  • I was recently told that I’m afraid of being considered smart. I was also told (by this person) that they’ve seen me lay an intellectual smack down in a meeting with PhD’s. He commented that they were being a bit snarky and were talking down to everyone in the meeting and that no one would step up and go toe-to-toe with them, that is until I did it.
  • I hate having to constantly share my resume/credentials with peeps. I’m boring and you’re boring. There now that we’ve got that off the table let’s move on to more fun stuff, like making fun of the way Maradona rubs his beads on the sidelines.
  • I am not excited about my twentieth high school reunion…at all. I say we meet at a bar, have a few drinks. To hell with it. Besides, 25 would be a bit more fun.

    OK, this is the last time I write something for consumption while listening to Steely Dan. I need to go do something a bit more uplifting to shake off this funk…

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