RecruitFest! 2010: A Track Leaders Personal Recap

by John on October 11, 2010

So after outlining, writing and trashing three versions of this post, I decided to say to hell with it and just write. The earlier versions of this post all referenced what was written by Bill, Glenn, Leanne and China, but it was sterile. So here’s my review, straight from my heart.

Track Leaders for the 2010 Version of RecruitFest! in Boston

Track Leaders for the 2010 Version of RecruitFest! in Boston (Photo courtesy of

I’m honored to be considered what EW referred to in his video thank you as a “thought provoker” as opposed to “thought leader”. I think the term “Thought Leader” reeks of pretention. (I will readily admit that I took a ration of sh*t for wearing the preppy sweater, but it was all in fun.)

Prior to getting to the event I prepped my ass off. I wanted to make damn sure that if people were going to pay good money to hear my track that they would come away with something of value. Just like the lead up to this post, I was ready for three different possible tracks and had a series of questions/slides/general academic BS in the queue. The absolute last thing that I wanted to do was to make an ass out of myself for not being prepped and then go up and “wing-it”. It would have been a complete disservice to everyone who invested the time and money in the event.

When some people think of the concept of an “Unconference” one of the first things that might come to mind is the possible appearance of the show being a bit unorganized or possibly a bit too laid back. Some participants may want the intimate experience that can lead other participants to action. That’s the beauty of an “Unconference”.

In either case, the landscape of the unconference movement was forever changed by RecruitFest! 2010.

Seriously, no joking around it was amazing on several levels. People busted their asses, went without sleep, and made it look easy. I can honestly say that when those peeps told me I did a good job, I felt out of sorts. I was simply a bit player. You and I were lucky to be the beneficiary of all their hard work, kudos to the team behind the scenes!

As I sit here, struggling to convey my feelings to you I’m left with more questions than answers. That to me is a great thing. I’ve got two more conferences to attend before the month ends and you can damn well rest assured that I’m going to look at both events from a completely different perspective. A perspective formed by provoking thought, contrarian opinions, insightful blog posts & one cool group of people who got to share 36 hours in Boston with a whole lot more than just the peeps in the room.

Going forward, I’m going to be OK with that.

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Shennnee October 12, 2010 at 6:52 am

It was great to see and hear you on the live stream. “Recruit Fest” was Awesome! EW and the Monster Team Really Kicked it this year!
The Track leaders were great, and I love the “unconference” idea. Hope to see you at the next ‘HR Evolution” or sooner.
PS- I am a preppy girl, So I LOVED the Preppy sweater,. Do you have Penny loafers too?
The best-

John October 12, 2010 at 9:33 am

Thanks Shennee! Sadly, I do not own penny loafers but I do have me some Bass Bucks.

Lisa Watson October 12, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Don’t forget to mention the sock-less shoes Miami style. The Dean of Awesome was in full force.

Seriously though, as always it was great to have you a part of this event. I always enjoy your insight (and your company) and thank you so much for the kudos and the thoughts. Hope to see you again soon!


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