Self Actualization Sucks

by John on September 5, 2011

God I hate Maslow. I get disgusted almost every time I see his pyramid in a presentation or hear someone mention it in a meeting. There are times when I want to scream “enough already!” but alas that would probably get me kicked out of said preso or meeting.

It’s been an interesting few days post HRFL11. I had my annual review and wrote down some pretty tough questions that I needed to answer. The whole time I was writing them, my sub conscious was silently cursing Maslow and simultaneously calling me an ass. Fun times, fun times indeed.

So here’s my response to the universe. I got the message, loud and clear. I’m still kicking and screaming but I promise that I’m going to jump in feet first and when I do, I’m going big so move out of my way.

And for the sake of everything that’s holy, will you please stop showing me that damn pyramid?

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