SHRM 2013 – Where to find me

by John on June 14, 2013

Well in a few short days I’m off to Chicago for the SHRM 2013 conference.emperform_shrm_2013

I’m excited to see a bunch of friends, meet new ones, do some business and play some kickball! (Oh and possibly have a decent steak too…. yes, I know, Meat is Murder)

What can you expect if we run into each other? Well, unlike Sackett, I don’t dole out hugs, I do the whole “Miami-Kiss-on-the-cheek” thing.

“WHAT” I hear you scream. That’s sooooo not PC or HR…

Relax. There are a few rules:

  1. We need to know each other.
  2. This is not a full blown kiss thingee, it’s a touch the cheek and air kiss.
  3. It’s only reserved for the opposite sex. However, like Sackett, I’m an equal opportunity “Miami-Kiss-on-the-Cheek” person and have been known to dole out a few to close friends.
  4. Believe it or not, this move is more impersonal that a hug.
  5. I’m exasperated trying to spell this out on a list…

I’ll be working in the Hive on Monday and Tuesday afternoons so make sure to swing by to come see me and say hello.

I’m also going to be asking the question, “Is HR afraid to go big” and featuring the answers and people on upcoming posts.

See you in a few days!

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