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by John on February 7, 2017

Well after a brief break, the Spring semester has started, and boy has it started with a bang.

I’ve been recently sitting in a few meetings with my colleagues and staff and have found myself controlling the urge to go into “let’s start offering solutions” mode. Instead, I’m asking one question and seeing how peeps respond.

The question? Tell me what I don’t know?

The power of this question is obvious. People are forced to stop and think for a second before responding.

Now I’m sure there is a collective groan coming from the masses “No kidding John, this is management 101”, but have we really stopped to think about this oh so simple approach?

My guess is probably not, and that’s OK.

The simplicity of this approach can be a bit scary. I mean who doesn’t want to be the giver of the answer that will save the project? Who doesn’t want to be the boss who gets a bit cranky when the team fails to execute?

But is that what good management is truly about in this day and age? I’ve noticed a huge change in the environment when you start to ask the question and have seen my peers and colleagues come up with solutions that are creative.

Empowered peers and team members are what we want as managers. This we already know.

Having them come up with solutions that are creative… who would’ve know that?

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