Thankful & Adieu 2015

by John on December 26, 2015

Whew, it’s been a while.

Well it seems only fair that I catch you up on crazy that’s been happening since last I sat down and tried to write a blog post. 18 weeks ago I was promoted to “Interim Director”. The promotion, coupled with the start of the fall semester, a busy travel schedule, and 4 classes managed to take up most of my time. I wasn’t gone, just really busy.

With the semester over and a new one beginning shortly, I’ve managed to find a few moments to breath and reflect on just how lucky and blessed I was this year. Also, since I didn’t do this during the Thanksgiving break, I figure I’ll just lump this all in with my final post for 2015.

Up First, the Thank You’s:

  • Jorgensen: Even though you bust my stones, I’m grateful that you do. It keeps me honest.
  • Paul: Ohio State, I get it…blah. You are a scholar and a gentleman and I am grateful for your posts. I mean if your going to teach a class on rewards, it helps to have your students got to the foremost individual on the subject. 
  • Dominique: Your gesture was unexpected and touching. It made the girls summer. You make me laugh, cry, and swear at my screen just like Tim Sackett
  • Dr. Crosby: C’mon now, that’s what you do for the good people. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy in-car therapy at 80 mph, on 95, in the rain? And they say people in Miami can’t drive….sheesh
  • Dwane: Miss you. Over the moon happy for you. You’re the only one who could convince me to bring my masters gown to Las Vegas and make an ass out of myself. Granted making an ass out of myself is easy…
  • Paul Smith: You are loved and missed.
  • Steve: Genco was a wartime consiglere and I’m in good with St. Carmine (patron saint of vendetta). This will be a great year for you!
  • Lars: I respect your hustle. If I could grant you a small moment of absolute peace, just one small solid minute, I would. Keep inspiring and kicking ass
  • Heather: Eventually, we’ll get to chat for 5 minutes in person. Till then Peace & Love!
  • The Boondogglers: Cheers on all the amazing news! As we say here in the 305, Adelante!
  • LFR: I’m still amazed that the card got delivered. I’m still laughing.
  • KD: Cheers to a kick ass 2015! You and your crew set the bar high and working towards it makes me improve. Here’s to 2016!
  • Matt: You are one of the nicest peoples on the planet. You have a big heart and I appreciate you!

Somehow 2015 managed to become a great year. There were several people and events that made it really special, and without naming names, I’m going to say a heartfelt “Thank You!”.

This is also the year that I did a major tech upgrade and went “all in” on Apple. So along with the iPhone, and iPad, I also have a MacBook Air. This is my first Mac, and I gotta say learning a new OS is fun. About as much fun as driving in bumper to bumper traffic with the AC broke in a Miami summer.

So I’m off to try and learn how to move files between PC’s and Mac’s, fix a few other things, and enjoy a cigar.


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