We Could Be Heroes

by John on March 3, 2015

This past weekend I had a chance to catch-up with some friends at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. The experience was nothing short of awesome. It was one of those top ten moments where you want to take as many pictures to remember, but you don’t because you’re just enjoying the time. Really, really enjoyed the event, and especially the group of friends that join us.

Our group is a rather eclectic bunch: HR Pro’s, Lawyers, Bankers, Law Enforcement Agents, and Educators. We all share a healthy love of good food, great wine, and great conversations. However, it was a quick, quiet, conversation that sparked the inspiration for this post.

I was catching up with one of the HR Pro’s and they said “Y’know John, I believe we all have one work superpower. This superpower is unique to the individual, and once you use it at work, you’ll never forget that you’ve got it”. I smiled, and then laughed and agreed with them, but didn’t give it much thought for the rest of the day.

In the days that have passed, I started to think a bit more about this concept and started to wonder if it is a truly valid concept.

I found myself asking goofy questions like: Do you have a work super power? If so, what is it? If not, how do I find out what it is? When will I know if I use it at the right time?

I’ve done several self assessments over the years. I know that I’m an ENFP, I’ve seen my Gallup scores, I’ve done the whole strengths finder (I know that I’m an activator, a relator, an ideator, an influencer, etc. etc. you get the point).

Maybe talent acquisition folks have different powers than the talent development folks? Do the PhD’s in OD have telekinesis skills? What about the payroll clerk who can do excel models with their eyes closed? Or the benefits coordinator who can calculate rolling average FMLA (which is one of my circles of hell in the HR Inferno)?

So for now, I’ve got to do a bit more self actualizing on the whole “work superpower” thing.

It’s a shame we didn’t get a chance to share our other “superpowers”. If asked, I’ve got that bad boy ready to go.

I learned how to spell my last name in the womb, and that my friends was no small feat.

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