What has JP been up to lately?

by John on March 25, 2016

It’s been a crazy few weeks here in Miami. Projects have been finally coming to fruition, changing the way we’re working in the office.

I’ve also started teaching classes again and that’s caused me to feel like time has started to compress. So if you’ll indulge me, I’ll catch you up on what’s been happening in my world via the bulleted list:

  • We implemented a new software tool for automated resume critiques. VMock is starting to change the way we review resumes. Who says that you can’t have a little HR Tech in the college career office space?
  • I was in Panama for 4 days last week. It was hot and humid (so I got a preview of our Miami summer). Beers were $0.65 each in the supermarket and bottled water was $1.00. The Coca-Cola now uses HFCS as opposed to cane sugar. Yes, it was cheaper to drink beer and coke, I had more bottled water than beer or soda. I guess I’m growing up a bit.
  • Americans don’t really know the extent of our non-discrimination hiring laws. Go visit a place where it’s perfectly legal for a hiring manager to ask “Are you married?” “Are you planning on having children?” and then come bitch about how bad it is here.
  • Fresh Corvina ceviche is sublime. Wow, that was a great dish
  • It’s not always about the food, the restaurant, or the atmosphere. Sometimes the company and conversation are the best memory
  • You always need to be nice to colleagues in other departments. When they step up to help you because they want to, that makes a world of difference.
  • Cuban cigars are still overrated. There are so many great “boutique” cigars on the market right now that prove the “Cuban Mystique” is simply just that, mystique.
  • One of the best questions a manager can ask is “What else?”. It causes everyone to think through all the possible scenarios to find where things can be improved.
  • If you leave a good out of office notification, people will actually read it. Life is too short to leave boring OoO notifications
  • You will never have all the bases covered. Mr. Murphy will always try to pay you a visit.
  • For those in the know, it’s getting a bit better. Day-by-day and slowly, but it is getting better. Thank you for the love and support
  • Pray for Peace. #JeSuisCharlie #NousSommesCharlie

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