Your Legacy is secured

by John on August 20, 2012

This week is a series of new beginnings for several people I know and love. So it’s pretty apropos that I decided to start it off with a simple question…What is, or what do you want to be your legacy?

Pretty simple question, that’s tough to answer.

My oldest will be starting 2nd grade and the youngest, PreK 2. I don’t expect them to have the answer to that question now, but it’s something that they’ll both have to think of in the coming years (although they’ve got a while to figure it out).

Today is also the beginning of the new fall semester at the University. The students that I’ve met have a much shorter time to get the answer to that question. Me? I’m continuing down the path that I’ve chosen, staying in higher education.

Thinking about this crap is incredibly subjective. You tend to ruminate on the bad, the so-so, the short comings, while it should be the exact opposite. In fact, I would venture to say that the on-going legacies of those who put themselves out there, who blog everyday and try to move the needle forward are very much secure in nothing but positivity.

When I think about what I’ve contributed to my legacy, first as an HR professional , continuing through this medium we’ve come to call (jokingly “Social Media”) I think about all the individuals that I’ve interacted with, recruiting them for life changing opportunities. Recruiters, you’re foolish if you don’t think your actions have truly changed the lives of your candidates.

I also think about all the recent students and alumni I’ve helped now that I’m out of the daily game. How the advice I give helps them get a leg up in finding a job, or switching to a new one.

I’m also gearing up for my first formal presentation to the HR community at HR Florida as well as a presentation to the banking & finance industry here in Miami (More on that pressure this Thursday).

So here’s to a new school year, a new semester, and some new roads that we’re all taking a stroll down.

Now if only I can secure my legacy just as well as ProtectionOne tries to secure my house… Lord help me try and get that shizz locked down with my alarm passcode.

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